Casino games 77 is one of the online gaming sites that give you all the fun.

I am talking about the kind of fun that will let you spend and get your money back in huge multiples. With the introduction of games such as Dj Wild by Elk Studio, casino games 77 has ensured that they show you a time of your life. Now you can make your spins in an exciting and electrifying way.

Dj wild

Dj Wild is a casino game that has been excellently developed and has some of the most unusual and fascinating features. Right from the way the symbols are presented to how the game is programmed, everything will do more than fascinate you. The Dj tools that are in place make all the difference, and they make the game a competitive one among others. The varieties of electric sounds are more than you can ever hope for when playing.


The game has five reels and twenty paylines that are paid both ways. While many people find the game to be a little challenging, it is fascinating and straightforward once you master it.


Many people love playing Dj Wild at Casino games 77, and they have mastered their art over time. However, for newbies, some starter pointers can help to make the experience better and worth your while. Here are a few things to note on how to play DJ wild at casino games 77.

You have to start by pressing the U-Turn arrow that is located in the down corner on your right. Once you press it, the cards will begin to spin, and after a few seconds, they will stop automatically. A combination of signs will be formed, and these signs can get either award you or not. There is no way to stop the spinning manually.

There is also the option of choosing an auto-play strategy. Here, you can select the number of automatic spins that you want. They can be any number between ten and a hundred.  Whenever your money runs out, the auto spinning will stop on its own. There is also another way of stopping the spinning. You can press the U-Turn arrow, and it will stop the auto-play setting.

To check the prizes that you may have a win, check the win box. The win box is located next to the stake box; on its left. This box is only shown when you have won.  You can also check your balance which is located next to ‘Demo Play.’


There is also an option bar that you can also use for your betting, and it has five strategies for you. You can choose the ‘no strategy’ option where you get to pick a random number that changes your total wager.

There is also the optimizer, and it is used to change the level of your stake automatically. This depends on the percentage of the balance you have.

There is the leveler that raises your stake stage. This happens any time you fail to win five spins consecutively.

The booster tends to raise the degree when you lose after a spin. Whenever it gets to stage four, it will reset. The booster also works after a win.

The last strategy is the jumper which will raise the bet level after you win every round. When you reach stage four, it will reset.

All these strategies make the game more fun whenever you play at casino games 77 online gaming site.


One excellent feature of the Dj Wild game is that it has beautiful icons that have been beautifully and wonderfully developed. The symbols include the keyboard, mix tracks, the music plate, a headset, lemon, plum, cherry, and watermelon. Their maximum payouts are 1000, 300, 500, 200, 80, 100, 80, and 100 respectively.

Other than these, there are two special symbols. These are the jackpot wild and the Dj wild. When you hit the mid-reel, you will get a reward of 50.000. For the Dj Wild symbols, whenever you hit any symbol, you will get a re-spin bonus, and it also expands to other symbols. There are five wild cards, and they include the Smoke, fire, and confetti which expand vertically to join with other symbols while the strobe and lazar expand horizontally. The latter forms a win line.

Casino games 77 has done an excellent job to bring the people this superb game. With all the excellent money gambling spin slots for Canadian players, you can be sure that there is something for everyone.